WEDGEWOOD PLATE. Wonderful early 19th century Wedgewood porcelain small plate. A round plate with a white interior and a rim of yellow and a deep brown transfer of grape vines and leaves. In excellent condition with no chips, cracks or crazing. Measures 8" in diameter. Circa 1820 to 1830.


FOR SALE @ $155.00

PAIR OF FEATHER EDGE PLATTERS. Wonderful late 18th century identical pair of small soft paste blue feather edge platters. Nice white glaze color over all with incised grooves around the outer edge then fired with a nice cobalt blue color. In excellent condition with one small ship on the underside of one of them. Great small size as each measures 14.75". Circa 1790 to 1800.


FOR SALE @ $395.00/pair

SALT GLAZE JUG. Wonderful American "Norton" three gallon jug highlighting on the front a stylized spray of flowers in a deep cobalt blue. Incised above it is the maker "J. & E. Norton, Bennington VT and the number 3". Handle features a ridge down the center. In very good condition with a small chip missing on the inside front lip. Measures 15" tall with a base diameter of 9.75". Circa mid 19th century.


FOR SALE @ $425.00

NEW YORK SALT GLAZE JUG. Nice American mid-19th century salt glazed jug with the raised cobalt blue name of "H. T' Linendall" and the locale of "Fort Edward, N. Y." handwritten on the face. In very good condition and measures 11" in height and a base diameter of 7".


FOR SALE @ $310.00

DELFT PLATES. Great late 18th century pair of Dutch Delft plates featuring colorful bouquets of flowers set in the center and a stylized border of blooms and vines around the outside. In very good condition with some small chips to the outer rims. Each plate measures  9" in diameter.

Circa 1790 to 1800.


FOR SALE @ $185.00/pair

SALT GLAZED JUG. 19th century American "Cowden & Wilcox" from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania salt glazed jug. Bulbous upper portion with a taper down to the base. Rimmed spout with an arched handle ending in a thumb-print indentation. Cobalt side splay design on the front and a cobalt blue swatch around the base of the handle. Incised in some of the same cobalt blue is the name "Cowden & Wilcox, Harrisburg Pa." above the front design. Imperfections along the base that look like surface loss are actually results in the firing. Measures 10.5" tall with a base diameter of 6".


FOR SALE @ $325.00

GAUDY CUP & SAUCER. Great early 19th century soft paste Gaudy cup & saucer. Great stylized floral design with vibrant color on both the cup and matching saucer. Condition is excellent with no chips or hairlines. Saucer measures 5.5" in diameter while the cup measures 3.5" in top diameter. Circa 1800 to 1810.


FOR SALE @ $195.00

LIDDED STONEWARE. Wonderful 19th century American "J.M. Hickerson" shallow crock with stoneware lid. Classic salt glaze finish with cobalt "wing" design on the sides and cobalt flourishes on the edges of the lid. Double applied handles on the sides. Embossed on the side is "J.M. Hickerson, Strasburg". Where the letters "VA" should be, it fades away as the impression stamp never made it to the clay. Condition issues with the lid but the crock is in very good condition. measures 5.5" in height, 10.5" in diameter at the top and 8" diameter on the bottom. Circa 1840 to 1850.


FOR SALE @ $495.00

AMERICAN REDWARE FLOWER POT. Great early 19th century Pennsylvania redware flower pot. Classic red glaze with brown spatter markings. Fluted shape with ringed top design and small hole on the bottom. Measures 7.5" tall, 7.5 top diameter and 5" base diameter. Circa 1820 to 1830.


FOR SALE @ $250.00

SPATTERWARE CUP & SAUCER. Early 19th century diminutive spatterware handleless cup/saucer in a uniform green spatter pattern. Base of cup features a double rim motif and a classic saucer style. Saucer measures 4.75" in diameter with the cup at 1.75" in height. Top diameter of the cup is 3" and the base measures 1.5" in diameter. Circa 1810 to 1820.


FOR SALE @ $95.00

PEARLWARE TEA POT. Exceptional early 19th century Pearlware tea pot. Off-white porcelain decorated in a stylized floral motif around the pot, on the finial and the lid in browns, blues, greens and orange. Great color and in very good condition with a small chip on the end of the spout and an old repair to the rim of the lid. Measures 7.5" in height. Circa 1810 to 1820.


FOR SALE @ $285.00

SPATTERWARE SUGAR WITH LID. Really great 19th century Spatterware sugar bowl complete with lid and stylized finial. Nice blue spatter design around the top of the bowl and rimming the lid. Floral design on two sides of the bowl. In excellent condition with ho chips, cracks or repairs. Measures 5.5" in diameter and 5" tall. Circa 1820.


FOR SALE @ $295.00

CREIL PLATES. Very nice pair of French Creil creamware plates with Polychrome color designs in black, yellows, blues and reds. The center of each plate depicting dramatic scenes captioned with "Le Chien du Louvre" on one and "Le Cerf Co" on the other. The backs show incised the name "Creil". Each measures 8" in diameter. Circa 1830.


FOR SALE @ $165.00/pair

CRIEL PLATES. Unusual and rare early 19th century French Creil creamware plates with Polychrome colored decorated border and scenes. Both with identical blue, green and yellow floral borders surround two different peasant scenes of French street life. Reverse side of each features an incised seal with "P&H CHOISY 19" on one and a 21 on the other. Both In very good condition with some very minimal loss on the edges. Each measures 8" in diameter. Circa 1830.


FOR SALE @ $165.00/pair

MANSION HOUSE DWARF. Wonderful, rare early 19th century Darby Mansion House Dwarf figurine. Typical pot-bellied, flared hatted dwarf in great yellow, green and pink colors with some copper luster highlights, and a great pained expression. No chips, cracks or repairs. Perfect piece. Measures 6.5" tall with a diameter at the base of 3". Circa 1810.


FOR SALE @ $95.00

OVOID #2 JUG. Great early 19th century American salt glaze handled jug with nice blue stylized floral decoration and the number 2. Rimmed top with applied handle. In excellent condition with  no chips or cracks. Probably Pennsylvania. Measures 15" tall. Circa 1830 to 1840.


FOR SALE @ $265.00

BENNINGTON BOOK FLASK. A very exceptional and rare large Bennington book flask. The typical brown and yellow styling all over with a ribbed pour on top. Features three spine ridges like with an actual leather book and the concave indentation of the pages. Also featured on the spine is embossed the words "Bennington Companion". In great condition with a small chunk missing on the spine base. Measures 8.25" wide, 10.75" tall and a depth of 3.25". Great piece!


FOR SALE @ $395.00


STENCILED FOOD JAR. A great example of 19th century American crockery. From the "Hamilton & Jones, Greensboro, Pennsylvania" factory, this salt glazed stoneware food jar features the hand stenciled, in cobalt blue the makers name and region. Floral accents surround the name. Double rimmed upper section and a molded lip atop. Measures 10" in height,with a 6.25" diameter at the base and a mouth opening of 4.25".


FOR SALE @ $285.00