SACK BACK WINDSOR CHAIR. Really great early 19th century American New England Windsor arm chair. Simple cylindrical spindles below a single bent arched sack back top leading to a shaped seat with a continued single arm support. Turned arm stays and nicely turned matching splayed legs. Paint is not original but an old re-paint with some natural wear on the arm ends. An old repair on the one arm rest. Measures 36" in height with an arm width of 25" and a seat width of 20". Circa 1830 to 1840.


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CHERRY CANDLE STAND. Great early 19th American cherry candle stand with a single board circular top over a nicely turned bulbous shaft ending in nice bent legs with slipper feet. Old repair on one leg at the attachment onto the base. Original wrought iron braces on the bottom. Measures 18.5" in diameter and a height of 26". Circa 1830.


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CANDLE MOLD. Great and rare 19th century nine candle tin candle mold. Classic tubular design that end in a taper. Raised rimmed top and boxed base. Double applied handles on two sides. In very good, sturdy condition with some surface issues and some bings. Measures 11.5" in height, with a top tray measurement of 4.5" x 3.5". Circa 1850 to 1860


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YARN WINDER. Wonderful early 19th century American standing yarn winder in original green paint. Three footed base that holds a vertical frame in which the four armed winder sits and spins from. Each of the arms has four angled holes where four longs pegs can be moved and placed to adjust the size of the yarn being wound. Each arm also has two protruding "ears" near the center with an original tin strap tacked in to hold the arms together. In very good condition with some wear all over and in it's original green paint.

Circa 1830 to 1840.


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PAINTED ONE DRAWER STAND. Exceptional early 19th century American painted one drawer stand. Overall paint is of a red/brown with yellow accents. Nice broken pediment scrolled gallery with a painted center round medallion. Side galleries feature the same scrolling shape. Shaped edge table top over a single drawer case. Highlighted in painted yellow ovals flanking the center drawer that has the red/brown border around a yellow field with the same red/brown paint design on both sides of the drawer knob. Nicely tapered legs also in the red/brown paint. Measures 36" tall, 25" wide and 18" in depth. Circa 1820.


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NEW HAMPSHIRE CANDLE STAND. Wonderful early 19th century maple American candle stand. Square top with shaped opposite ends. One set is simply a rounded edge with the other a "petal" shape design. Nicely turned tapered shaft ending on three gracefully shaped legs and proportionate slipper feet. Measures 27.75" high and a top dimension of 15.5" x 15.75". Circa 1820 to 1830.


FOR SALE @ $500.00

PAIR CHIPPENDALE CHAIRS. Great pair of 18th century country New England Chippendale side chairs. Shield-back chairs with vertical fanned slats with center medallions. Straight square legs with four stretchers and a slight splay to the back legs following the splay of the chair backs. Exposed front leg knuckles on top with a later rush woven seat. Each chair measures 37.5" in height, 20" in width and a depth of 18".
Circa 1770 to 1780.


FOR SALE @ $595.00/pair

PAIR CHILDREN'S CHAIRS. Really nice, fun pair of 19th century Kentucky ladder-back chairs. Gentle splay up and out of the horizontal upper supports with three steps between. Original hickory woven seats over a four rung base with a slight whittle in size of the foot. Both in very good condition both showing signs of natural wear. Each measures 23" in height, 13" in depth and 14" in width. Circa 1830.


FOR SALE @ $355.00/pair

SIGNED AMERICAN HATCHEL. A small in size hatchel consisting of a set of iron pointed pronged protrusions from a block of pine wood, originally used to pull thru flax or wool before being put onto a loom then to be spun into a fabric. This has a pegged constructed lid to cover the prongs when not in use. What's great about this item is that along the one side of the wood where the molded metal base is wrapped around to help hold the prongs in place is physically indented with the initials of "H.W.N" and the date "1800". Measures 12" in length and 5" in height. Dated 1800.


FOR SALE @ $195.00

AMERICAN HATCHEL. Another unique New England 19th century lidded hatchel. A pine plank with a set of iron spikes protruded from the reverse side used to pull thru flax or dense wool to thin it before it is put onto a spinner and turned into thread. A crude construction with square nails and uneven cut edges, definitely one of a kind, made by someone who had the skill and need. Measures 23" length and 6" in height.

Circa 1830 to 1840.


FOR SALE @ $210.00

PUNCHED TIN POT. Beautiful early 19th century American punched tin coffee pot. Pennsylvania double inverted cone shaped with punched tulip center design and a band of interwoven punched lines circling. Hinged lid with a brass knob. Classic elongated spout with split end and gentle curved handle. In excellent condition with some minor rust on the bottom side. Measures 11.5" tall and a base diameter of 6.25".

Circa 1840.


FOR SALE @ $950.00

COPPER TEA KETTLE. Very nice late 18th century copper tea kettle in original petina. A cylinder shaped main compartment with an attached hinged handle. Stylized shaped extended spout with a scroll accent on top along with a lid that features a graceful sculpted ribbon handle. Measures 10.5" tall with a width of 10" from spout to end and a kettle diameter of 6.5". Circa 1790 to 1800.


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COUNTRY SIDE CHAIR. Wonderful early 19th century solid Chippendale country side chair. Impressive sculpted pierced center back slat topped by a squared scrolled dog ear yolk. Nice stylized front skirt with squared legs and a center cross brace construction. Rush seat in good condition. Measures 37" in height with a seat width of 21". Circa 1810 to 1820.


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CHILD'S CRADLE. Very nice early 19th century pine American child's cradle in original red wash paint. Flared design sides and high tombstone ends. Rockers are stylized with graceful edges and a strip of iron applied to the bottoms. Square nail construction and in very good condition with some natural wear. Measures 43.5" in length with a height of 25". Circa 1830.


FOR SALE @ $385.00

DOLL CRADLE. Nice 19th century small pine doll cradle in original black/blue paint. Tombstone head and foot pieces with graceful sweeping side panels atop pair of attached rockers. Measures18" in length, 9" in height at the headboard and 12" in width from runner edge to runner edge. Circa 1840 to 1850.


FOR SALE @ $95.00