SHAKER PIE LIFTER. Great, hard-to-find American 19th century iron pie lifter. Single, long twisted shaft with a pair of "grabbers" that are hinged to open around the rim of a pie plate. Once positioned and then raised, the weight of the pie closes the "grabbers" enough around the rim to lift it out safely out of the oven. Condition is very good with some minor surface rust on the hand end and a small part of a lifter. Measures 22" in length.


FOR SALE @ $55.00

IRON CHOPPER. Great early 19th century wood and iron food chopper. Nice clean curved lines of the iron blade. Tubular wooden handle with incised design and an iron pin going through. In excellent condition. Measures 5.5" wide at the blade and 6" tall. Circa 1820.

FOR SALE @ $55.00

PAIR OF ANDIRONS. Wonderful pair late 18th century knife blade andirons. Simple narrow hand-forged iron shaped shafts with a bulbous design ending on arched framed pad feet. Great early iron construction. Applied brass turned finals. In very good condition with a small split in one finial. Measures 20.5" tall and 15" in depth. Circa 1810 to 1820.


FOR SALE @ $745.00

AMERICAN IRON PEEL. Great late 18th century Pennsylvania small iron peel. Hand forged out of one piece of steel with a flat plate, shaped  neck and a very nice curved hooked end. In excellent condition with natural petina and no makers mark. Measures 14.5" in length with a plate width of 2.25" that slightly tapers back.


FOR SALE @ $95.00

IRON POSSETT. Great late 18th century iron Possett. A circular pan with tall, slightly flared sides set on three feet with a long tapered handle. Nice heavy weight with all the natural pitting and wear and no rust. Pan measures 11" in diameter with an overall height of 5.25" and a length of 20.25" from the pan edge to the handle end. Circa 1790 to 1800.


FOR SALE @ $165.00

WELL HOOK. Neat early 19th century American New England wrought iron well hook. A three pronged based with a iron loop above. All hand wrought. Measures 10.25" in height and 7" apart from prong end to each prong end. Circa 1820 to 1830.


FOR SALE @ $125.00

MEAT FORK WITH CRIMPER. Great late 18th, early 19th century American iron fork and crimper combined device. At one end are double splayed pointed prongs while the other features a rotating crimping wheel on an iron axle that spins perfectly. Center shaft is square in shape. In excellent condition with some very minor rust showing. Total fork length measures 16.5" with a width between prongs of 2.75". Crimper measures 1" in diameter.


FOR SALE @ $ 85.00

SMALL IRON TRIVET. Great late 18th century hand forged iron square trivet. Grid design with two outer footed supports and double cross sections. Center bar is looped at one end and flat circular shape at the other. Underside shows two forged bolts holding the center iron strip.

Measures 9.5" in length, 4.5" wide and 2" tall. Circa 1790.


FOR SALE @ $115.00

IRON STRING HOLDER. Nice late 19th century American iron sting holder. Round holder in the classic "bee hive" bulbous design atop a splayed scolloped base. Hinged underneath, the string holder separates down the middle to expose a hollow compartment for the roll of string. Some raised lettering is seem around the base, but can not make out the manufacturer. Measures 6" in height and a base diameter of 6.5".


FOR SALE @ 135.00

IRON TOASTER. Great 19th century iron and wood hinged toaster. Rectangular base with round cornered supports over arched feet and a center "horseshoe" shape stay hinged to an extended iron rod with a rounded wooden handle. Handle shows some natural wear with very good overall condition on the iron. No breaks or repairs. Complete length, from foot to end of handle is 24". Toaster measures 12.5" in width and 2.25" in depth. Circa 1850 to 1860.


FOR SALE @ $155.00


IRON BOOT JACK. Nice late 19th century black iron boot jack. Shaped overall form with a scrolling motif in the center. Splayed ends over a pair of extended posts with the other end flat to sit on the floor. In very good condition with no cracks or repairs. Measures 12" in length with a 2" rise at the boot jack end. Circa 1860.


FOR SALE @ $65.00