LANDSCAPE. Very nice late 19th, early 20th century oil on canvas landscape of a gentle stream meandering thru a grove of trees. In colors of greens and blues, the stylized branches extend from rather large tree trunks that are softly reflected in a calm stream. In it's original gold, ornate frame. Painting condition is very good with some losses on the frame (some pieces have been retained). Frame measures17.75" by 14" with a canvas size of 9" by 5".


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LANDSCAPE PAINTING. Very pleasant late 19th early 20th century oil on canvas board of a gentile river scene with trees. Painted in  an impressionistic style in colors of greens, browns, reds and oranges. In it's original gold leaf frame with the framed measurements are 15" x 10.75" and a canvas size of 11" x 7".


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PRIMITIVE LANDSCAPE. Pleasant late 19th early 20th century oil on canvas applied to board landscape of a tree lined winding stream with a sunrise, or maybe a sunset in the background. Nice brush strokes evident. Signed int he lower right corner, "R.L. Williams". Pine grooved frame measures 19.5" x 16.5" with a canvas size of 16" x 12.


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EARLY PORNOGRAPHY. Extremely rare and unusual early 19th century miniature on ivory portrait of a couple engaged in a very intimate activity. A partially undressed full figure female and a full figure gentleman with his trousers down resting upon a daybed with lush green drapery in the background. Please email your request to see the "naughty" part that is covered here as it is just as realistic as the rest of the portrait. All framed in an enclosed maple circular frame. Measures 3.25" in diameter.

Circa 1820 to 1830.


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METCALF WATERCOLOR PAINTING. Amazing early 20th century montage illustration by Willard Metcalf done in watercolor shades of gray with major areas of white gouache paint on paper. Scenes of Zuni Indian village life, possibly from his series of illustrations done of the Zuni Indians for "Harper's" magazine. Signed to the right of the circular image "Metcalf" with a stylized Indian bird. In excellent condition with no foxing however the original paper surface has been mounted to a linen backing with some missing portions at the outer edges. Any such imperfections are under the original matting. Plus there are pencil notations, including "Zun"  and some numbers visible around those outer edges. Original matting and frame. Matted image measures 21.75" x 17.75". Undated.


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WINTER SCENE. Very tranquil, pleasant early 20th century oil on academy board winter scene of a partially frozen creek. Flanked by barren trees on the right and a a quaint farm house nestled in the rolling hills of the background. All with the setting sun during dusk painted over a gently layer of snow. Painting technique is somewhat thick in the snow areas to where the paint is in relief off the surface and adds to the shadowing. Signed in the lower left, "W. H. Gill". Framed measurements are

16.75" x 13".


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WOMAN'S PORTRAIT. Very nice early 19th century oil on canvas three quarter portrait of a woman. Seated in a red chair next to a draped table with a box and flower set upon it, she is holding a book in one hand and a hankerchief in the other. Dressed in black, she features a white lace color and cuffs. Her face show nice features with rosy cheeks and a proper hair style. Great highlight detail with some crazing on the canvas but no loss of paint. Original gold wood frame. Measures 14" x 16" frame size. Circa 1820 to 1830.


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WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN. Great large early 19th century pencil and watercolor 3/4 portrait of a man. Seated next to a table with his hand on one volume of a set of books all in front of a window with pulled curtain and flowered urn. Exceptional fine detail overall in the painting with great subject matter. All framed in a simple black frame with gold inside molding. Total frame measurements are 14.5" x 17". Circa 1830.


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PORTRAIT ON IVORY. Wonderful portrait on a single piece of ivory of a well-to-do woman in formal dress. Accents of gold accents amongst her breast area and white gauche throughout her head and collar. All a front a green curtain and a classic style column in the background. In excellent condition with no cracks or crazing in the ivory. Measures 5" x 6". Circa 1820 to 1830.


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WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT. Exceptional early 19th century full figure dated watercolor and pencil portrait of a gentleman resting on a marble mantle complete with full detail such as the fender, etc. Set off behind him is an Empire arm chair. Great detail in everything about this painting. More than shows up on camera. Signed in the lower left is "Drawn by A. Burt, Newbury 1833".

Measures 13.25" x 16.25" framed size.


FOR SALE @ $585.00

PORTRAIT OF YOUNG GIRL. Great early 19th century oil on canvas portrait of a young girl in a field holding a bouquet of flowers. Sweet detail in the face, dress and flowers with vibrant color, all in a stylized frame. She is unsigned and has been relined. Measures 19" x 22.5". Circa 1820.


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