AMERICAN SAMPLER. Exceptional American early 19th century sampler consisting of the alphabet, a "the world passes away" passage, and the name "Eliza L. Harding" with the date 1837. Plants, trees, and vases of flowers surround the verbage with a floral motif below. Bordering the entire sampler is a vine of strawberries. Nice vibrate color with some minor foxing. Measures 18.5" x 21.5" framed.

Dated 1837.


FOR SALE @ $1,100.00

UNFINISHED SAMPLER.  Nice 19th century framed unfinished sampler on linen. Comprised of three sets of a stylized alphabets and numbers on the top three quarters with images and symbols of the bottom. Done in greens, blues, reds and yellows with some fading of the color. Some minor fraying and small loss of the linen. Frame size measures 16.25" x 23". Unsigned and undated.


FOR SALE @ $385.00

PENNY RUG. Wonderful mid to late 19th century American Pennsylvania penny rug. Six sides of circular medallions stitched together on a linen backing in colors of indigo, salmon and mustard yellows. All edged in irregular semi-circles. Measures 50" in length with a height of 47".

Circa 1870 to 1880

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AMERICAN THEORM. Great early American 19th century theorm of a bouquet of flowers. Painted in muted colors of blues/greens and browns, all on velvet. Some condition issues with foxing and issues that rendered the image somewhat muted. Not framed in original frame. Framed item measures 19" x 21.5", with a visible theorm image of 14.75" x 17.5". Circa 130 to 1840.


FOR SALE @ 225.00

SILK ON SILK. Wonderful 19th century American or English silk on silk needlework of a bouquet of flowers. Nice detail in stitchery of muted colors of greens and browns with bursts of spot colors of blue and red, all on the natural color of silk. Measures 15.5" x 18.5" frame size.


FOR SALE @ $ 185.00